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Sleepy Time!

I have been sitting here for two hours with my laptop open, working away. One of the many tasks that I had on my list this evening, was to post a blog here. I have been keeping a list of things that I wanted to talk about. Tonight was the night that I wanted to write about the promise of our fabulous twenty-something generation. Instead….I only want to do this…..SLEEP. I am tired.

I can no longer think in complete sentences. I can no longer use the “Barb version” of proper English. I can no longer type two words without hitting the back key to correct a spelling. Okay, that isn’t new…I do that all the time regardless. But, you get the idea. I must close my laptop. I must lay down. I must close my eyes. I have another big day tomorrow (which includes visiting my long time friend to give my quarterly review on my Life Plan. Wish me luck!)

Check back with me later this weekend and I will wax philosophical about today’s youth! So for now…Night-night! (By the way…I totally look like this when I sleep!)

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  1. Angel says

    Well, I suppose we all have to sleep sometime. I personally have slept away most of the day, I couldn’t eat because i had to have blood tests done, so I thought I’d lie down for just a sec. at 8am, next thing it was 1 pm. At least i wasn’t hungry all morning. So ,see it happens to all of us. Looking forward to your waxing philli phyl.. ph.. uh…whatever I won’t try to spell it. I’ll just read it.

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