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Social Networking…a way of life.

Here I sit on a nice Monday evening…eating my dinner, and getting ready to log on to my various social networks. This is a nightly ritual for me. Let’s see…check Facebook, check blog comments, check (only cuz you tell me I have to Mr. Life Plan Supervisor!), check my twitter stream, log onto Twitter Moms, Twitters Anonymous, Social Median…think of a topic for a blog post. It is a very indepth process!

As I am eating, (a very tasty pot roast and mashed potatoes courtesy of Trader Joes…Yum!) I hear this noise resonate through the room. *footstep* *footstep* *footstep* “You have mail madam”, says the mailbox butler. I have Incredimail set up for my email and I have a butler that announces when I have mail. This allows me to reach for my Palm Treo and see what the mail might be. (yep, no need to even get up!) I certainly don’t want to miss something important! It could be the comment to my blog from you!

So, anyway, this voice announces that I have mail. I reach for my Palm Treo between delicious bites of pot roast, I click the receive email button, and what do I see???

“From: Facebook. Paul J Jacobucci has added you as a friend on Facebook. “

What is this?? It is a good thing that I wasn’t mid-swallow. That’s my Dad! Wow! My folks have set up their own Facebook account. Take note that I am 48 years old…you do the math on their age. Now, I always knew that they were cool parents. (Dad was actually known to say “Far Out” while having a conversation with us kids in the 70’s! John Denver fans, eat your heart out!) This is unfreakin’-believable, but makes complete sense. What better way to keep in touch and get photos of their grandkids and great-grandkids while they spend their days in the Arizona sunshine.

I spend my days in the world of social media and only got my Facebook account in the last year! My kids were not sure how to take this fact. Now I get to break it to them that their grandparents are on Facebook too. Somehow I think they will take this news quite differently. Should I be sad when they dance up and down with excitement, when they merely wrinkled their nose and rolled their eyes when they discovered that I was active on Facebook? I will do my best not to show my jealousy!

Mom and Dad…you guys Rock!

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  1. Angel says

    We are never heroes to our kids.
    Your parents are a nice looking couple as well.
    and just let me say Wow! Thats Rad!

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