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Sooo we pulled off the surprise (s)!

A big part of my plan in going home for Thanksgiving, was to pull off a Surprise 50th Birthday Party for my sister, Mary. Amazingly enough, we were able to hold the secret. She didn’t have a clue!

The whole weekend came about because of a conversation that I had with my sister the week before Thanksgiving. Mary was telling me how she and her family were going to spend Thanksgiving with Mariyln’s family. Marilyn is one of my best friends from high school, and is also one of my sisters best friends. After she told me of these plans, I admit that I pouted (o.k. o.k. Marilyn, you win. I WHINED) a little bit. Marilyn and her husband had lived in the Pacific Northwest while our children were toddlers. Our families spent several delightful Thanksgivings together. After enduring a few moments of my whining, Mary simply said, “So, why don’t you join us?” It was that easy.

After checking with my son to confirm that he would be spending Thanksgiving with his father (my daughter had already ditched me for the holidays as she was going home with her bf), I jumped online and found the best airfare I could…and I was set. Thanksgiving with Marilyn’s family!! Woo Hoo! Naturally, we decided that we would keep it a secret and not tell Marilyn that I was coming. The story was that my neice was bringing a friend to Thanksgiving dinner. For the next week, I was known as Alex-Chrissie’s friend.

The look on Marilyn’s face when she realized that I was standing in her kitchen was priceless. How wonderful it was to spend time with her. She has some amazing children that are growing up to be fantastic adults. What a pleasure it was to hang out with them again.

The rest of the weekend had us on the go the entire time. A wonderful late Thanksgiving gathering with neighbors, game night with friends, time at the gym, go, go, go. What fun!

The final evening, Saturday night, was meant to be spent dining at my favorite italian restaurant, The Blue Parrot. It is never a matter of IF we would go there while I was home, it is always WHEN will we go. So…Saturday night it was. “But first, Mary, we need to stop at the family farm and see our brother and his family. A second brother might be joining us too. So we will gather at the farm and anyone who wants to caravan to the restaurant will join us there. ” Perfect…let’s go.

We were met at the farm by a house full of people. Brothers, sister-in-laws, neices, kids, friends… “This is the part, Mary, where we admit that we really aren’t going to The Blue Parrot. This is your night…a party for you”. It took a moment for her brain to register what was really going on. Again…the look on her face was priceless.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were all spent with friends and family that were involved in planning and organizing the surprise party. I cannot believe that with all that interaction noone spilled the beans, or even dropped a small hint. Can you imagine…I was going to surprise Marilyn on Thanksgiving Day, so I couldn’t tell her I was coming…but we needed to tell Marilyn about the surprise party for Mary, and we needed her to help make some arrangments, but we couldn’t tell her that I was part of planning the party…the neighbor was being invited to”join us at the italian restaurant for dinner” so he had to act the part of following us to the restaurant…my neice had to decorate the farm house, so had to make an uncharacteristic excuse for not carpooling with us…but… My brain hurt.

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  1. Carrielyn says

    just here to announce officially I’m watching you. 😉

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