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Straight scoop on turning 40!

It is a typical Sunday evening in my home as I write these words. As usual you again find me with my laptop, yes…on my lap. I am sitting cross legged on the sofa, glasses perched on the end of my nose, and I am cruising through my favorite social media sites. My son has found a movie in OnDemand, and I am multi-tasking (aka pretending to watch the movie with him while focusing half of my attention on my laptop).

There was a question posed on one of the sites asking for the straight scoop on turning 40. The question…”Give it to me. What can I expect?”

While everyone’s experience is unique, it caused me to reflect on what my 40’s have been for me. A simple answer to that would be “Awesome”.

I began my 40’s having recently become a single mom. The first few years of my 40’s were spent trying to regain my balance. It did take a considerable amount of time and reflection to rediscover the spirited, fun loving girl that I used to be. What were that girl’s likes and dislikes? What was she passionate about? What made her laugh? I can report that finding the answers to these questions was a positive journey. I came to like this girl again. She is very funny.

The mid-40’s brought much joy from my teenage children. I was lucky enough (or perhaps barely smart enough) to learn a lesson from my mother. By example, my mother taught me how to give my children just the right amount of guidance, and then to step back and let them make the choices that were right for them. The trick is to make sure that this guidance is both impactful and profound enough for them to listen, even though they pretended not to. Was I always successful? Absolutely not! (Someday I will share with you the bumps, bruises, and the things that I learned and experienced along the way. It will make for humorous reading, believe me!) There were many times when I missed the mark as a parent, but fortunately, my children proved to be smarter than me and are making their way through the maze with as much grace as humanly possible. They will be great adults!

I am only 2 years away from leaving my 40’s behind. These last few years have been years of great personal growth. Stay tuned and I will blog about this at a future date. (Yes, this is a shameless ploy to get you coming back for more!)

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