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Teamwork Shines Through!

“Deadline T minus 4 minutes. Team member #1: complete the content for the report and send it over to the copywriter. Team member #2: finalize the edits on the web page and email the url. Team member #3: finalize the report, and have it printed on the color copier on the next floor. I will collect the report from the color printer on the next floor, get the url from email, and then meet with the project coordinator in 4 minutes to present the finalized project. GO…….”

These were the words spoken this past week as a team was approaching the deadline to present a final draft of a project. It was truly exhilarating to see several days of focused work and attention come down to the wire with such a coordinated effort.

There is a tremendous amount of excitement in watching individuals, who have recently become a team, melt together as a unified and effective team. The manner in which they got to know each other, determined each others strengths, supported and encouraged the possibilities, and then pulled together with a common goal was inspiring.

The best pair of shoes is only complete if there is more than one shoe. Just like the best teams!

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