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The beginning of the end.

Last week brought us the first day of school…again…for the last time. My youngest son is now a senior in high school. My goodness, did I actually just type that out loud?

I tell myself that I am mentally and emotionally preparing for the day when my children move on to build their own lives as adults. But am I?

Every phase of their lives have been my ‘favorite’. There is the infant stage where you can only gaze upon them and wonder who they will be, what their dreams will be, what their passions will be. There is the toddler stage where you get to watch them learn and discover. There is the pre-teen stage where they get to use what they learned and discovered. There is the teenage stage where they try to become their own person, but keep looking back at you to see if they are getting it right. Of course they make sure that you don’t actually realize that they are looking to you for guidance. That would just be wrong!

Then there is the stage where they begin making the next big step decisions. My daughter has chosen college and couldn’t be happier. It is so exciting to watch her follow her own dreams. My son has informed me that moving directly into a career will be his decision.

The time will come, too soon, when I will be helping my son pack up his most precious belongings…guitar, bass, amp, xbox 360, 3 computers…and of course we need to throw in some not so important items like a hand me down sofa, kitchen utensils, plates, towels…

Time is running short. Soon enough it will be just me and my puppy entertaining each other. While I will be so happy to see my children move towards their destiny, I will also be sad that our lives together under one roof will have come to an end. I prepare myself by thinking of the wonderful life that awaits them.

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