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The Day My Head Exploded

It finally happened. It was two years in the making.

Two years ago, my team and I were attending a Train the Trainer session. Our fabulous presenter, Mike, gave us fair warning. “I have a lot of information to give you these next few days. It is complicated, it is technical, and there is a lot to learn. Before we are done, your head will explode.”
We listened, we learned, we waited………….Nope…no explosion. We were all feeling pretty secure with ourselves (and admittedly our peacock feathers were in their full glory). We were able to keep up with Mike…complication to complication, techno babble to techno babble, absorbing it all. Damn…we were good! Never had our company assembled such a Rock Star team of individuals. We were leading the charge to the future.

Fast forward two years. I am now working on another team, with another company. My band of brothers are leading their charge without me, though I am still playing in the same sandbox, still doing my thing.

These past few weeks have been busy ones, with two major projects in development. In my new role, not only am I now training and supporting new product launches….now I am developing, testing, planning launches, creating marketing strategies, training, launching, etc, etc, etc….End to end project development.

I am standing with one of my peers this week asking, what I thought, was a really important question, when it hits….. BOOM! CRASH! GONE! FAIL! It had happened. My head exploded. System Failure. Circuits overheated.

While my outward appearance remained calm and (please God) in control….inside my head was the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!

I knew that it was time to take a deep breath and get some rest. Yes, my next step needed to be a therapy session. No problem…I can handle that. Saturday found me on the couch with Dr. DSW. After an amazing session and a luxurious 10 hour sleep, I am well on my way to being healed. It’s a good thing too, cuz tomorrow starts the cycle all over again. I got it covered, though. Dr DSW offers a Rewards Program for frequent clinic visitors! Whew!

Well, Mike, just wanted to let you know that it finally happened. We aren’t as super human as we pretend to be! But, let’s keep that just amongst us. I don’t want my former team mates to know!

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  1. The Daily Blonde says

    I go to the same Dr….isn’t that a coincidence.

  2. Angel says

    Well no wonder we had so much trouble IM’ing you were busy multi tasking and having your head put back together. If you decide to go to WordPress let me know where you go I will follow. I am gldlife is slowing down. Love the peacock. Looks like my ex.

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  4. ronalfbz says

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  5. tomspcc says

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