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The Dentist Visit

Going to the dentist used to be a very traumatic and dreaded appointment for me. I remember being the fourth child out of five in my family to get braces. Perhaps some of the fear was passed down to me from my siblings. Perhaps some of the fear came from my childhood dentist that didn’t seem to be so kind and gentle. Oh the pain! Oh the suffering! Oh the sound of that ever present drill!

As if the years of visits to the orthodontist weren’t hard enough, my straightened teeth didn’t stick. Before you knew it, my teeth had moved again. While they weren’t as bad as they started out, they were definitely not straight any more. But was I going to do anything about it? Not a chance! Been there, done that!

That is, until my mother intervened. “Barb, it is time that you considered doing something about your teeth. You give professional presentations on a regular basis, and it would sure be nice if your teeth were straight again.” If there is one thing that I have learned through the years, it is that when Mom gives advice it is time to pay attention. (I am one of those lucky daughters with a mother who doesn’t make it a habit of offering advice. She saves her advice for when it really matters!)

This advice put me on a mission. What were my options? With all the recent publicity out there from the extreme makeover shows, I was sure to find the ‘easy fix’, right? Well……sorta!

I began my search on the internet looking for an office that I might be comfortable with. It was time for a consultation. After many visits, to many websites, I finally decided upon a dental practice whose website gave me the impression that they would take good care of me. Thank goodness for truth in advertising. I stumbled upon the most wonderful mother/daughter dental practice. They steered me away from the ‘easy fix’ (not always the best for overall dental health) and recommended the Hawley system, a retainer appliance that would straighten my teeth. It worked perfectly as I was able to remove them when I needed to give a presentation. Very cool, simple, only took 6 months and I had my straight smile back.

Now, here is really good part. These wonderful ladies have gotten me back on the path to regular dental care. Now it isn’t a problem to visit the dentist. They make it an easy experience, painfree, calm and friendly. Who knew that visits to the dentist could be such non-events. No more trauma! I must admit that I really love the glasses that have a video screen in them. Watching a movie while the team is having their way with my teeth is a complete and successful distraction to the actual reason for the visit. I would hardly know that I had been in their office if it wasn’t for the swollen smile for a few hours and the recommendation that I not have a glass of red wine for 24 hours. Bummer.

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