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The fall and rise of the Apple Store…in my mind

I have an obsession…with the color RED. I have red walls in my home. I carry a red purse. I have several pair of red shoes. I have a red coat. I have a red suit. I have a red dress. Therefore, I MUST have a red case for my iPhone.

When I first purchased my iPhone I got a case that was red and black. It was not just any red, it was the perfect red! I don’t like an orange red, I only love blue-red. Bright, bold, beautiful! This case was just right!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very strong case, and it broke within two days of having it. I exchanged it for the same case, but this one broke too! O.K., O.K., I get it. Not the right case for me! So now I am on a mission. I have to find a better case, but it must also be the perfect red. You would think that this was easy, but it really isn’t. There are very few cases in that perfect red.

I finally found a case online that looked like it was just what I was looking for. After receiving it in the mail, I was so disappointed! This was too orangy. I decided to just suck it up, and try it anyway. After all, how bad could it be? It just wasn’t to be, though, I finally took the case off. I was so offended every time I looked at that color! I know that it is ridiculous and hard to believe that anyone would be offended, by a color, but I was! The mission for the perfect red iPhone case would need to continue.

What does any of this have to do with the Apple Store, you are probably asking. I’m getting to that! I was out shopping with my daughter this past weekend, and we passed by the Apple store. I noticed the iPhone display in the window. I took a few steps back and decided to check out the cases they had. I am so glad that I did, because there it was! The skies opened, the sun shown through the clouds, and it called my name! Excellent! This baby is mine! I grabbed it off the shelf and headed to the back of the store to find a check out stand and make my purchase.

What? No check out stand? For those of you who are Mac fans, you realize already that the Apple stores don’t have check out stands. Their computer experts actually wander the store, talking with shoppers who are Mac enthusiasts. Once a decision is made to purchase an item, that same expert can whip out portable checkout devices that they carry, and the purchase is made right there. My daughter pointed out to me the value in a shopper not having to wait in a line after they have made their choice. She told me how great this is after you have had a lengthly conversation that leads you to a purchase. O.K. I get this.

But what about the simple accessory purchase? There were a couple other shoppers who were hanging out with me, waiting for an expert to become free to ring up our sales. I was really getting annoyed. Why would the Apple store make it so hard for us to make these simple purchases? I came to the conclusion that they certainly care about the $2000 purchase, but perhaps not the $20 purchase. While my daughter was trying to tell me to just chill out, after all this WAS the perfect red case that I had been looking for, a employee walked up to help me finalize my purchase.

She quickly and efficiently ran my card through her device, and then asked me if I would prefer a printed receipt or if I would prefer to have the receipt emailed to me. WOW! Really? I can have the receipt emailed? This was the moment when the annoyance just floated away! I instantly recognized the value in having a receipt emailed to me. In a split second, it flashed into my mind how helpful this would be when I am trying to return an item, or review a purchase date. I looked at my daughter and said “Never mind about everything that I just complained about. This totally makes up for it!”

AND, I have my perfect red case!

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  1. Angel says

    I wish I had red You are so funny

  2. The Daily Blonde says

    You are very hip…and the Apple Store: not as cool as you are but I like that roving check out thing!

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