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The List

I will admit it.  I have “a list”.  I have fine tuned it, edited it, notebookchanged it, updated it, deleted from it and added to it.   Come on…admit it.  You have one too (or had).    This is the list that defines the guy (or gal) that is “perfect for you”.   Not just perfect…but perfect for you.

After all these years of being a single girl, I would say that my list is pretty fine tuned by now.  It has its “would be nice” column, its “must have” column, and of course the “deal breaker”  column.    If this seems very superficial to you, I do not apologize.    I have gotten to know myself very well over the years, and have learned to recognize what works and what doesn’t.

I figured that I had this list thing down pat.  But, I was wrong    What a surprise to me, then, to hear the words spoken by Sandra Bullock during her acceptance speech at the Golden Globe awards show.   She thanked her husband,  saying that “I never knew what it felt like to have someone have my back”.

To put it in just this way, with just these words, really caught my attention.  Of course, one of the line items on my list is “supports my goals”, but to hear it expressed in this way was like hearing a beautiful verse in a song. I don’t think I ever really understood exactly what this meant.

What would that be like, I wondered?  Someone who truly had your back.  Not just lip service, not just when it was convenient for them, not just when it also served their purposes.   It is time to edit my list again.

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