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"The Plan", continued…

One of my life goals is to move into ‘the city’. I grew up on a farm, and after marriage moved into town. From the small town, I moved to another state and found myself smack dab in suburbia. Rows and rows of houses, green lawns, fenced yards and car pools.

One divorce and twenty-some years later, I now reside in a great little townhouse, but am still surrounded by suburban living.

I had always told myself that my next move, which couldn’t take place until the kids were all graduated from high school, was to move downtown! I have visions of walking out the door and having the world within my reach! The coffee shop would be two doors down, the grocery store is down the block, the most amazing little Italian restaurant is on the corner, and the park where I can walk my dog is two blocks away. I have it all figured out!

As you, my faithful reader knows, my son turned 18 years of age last week. That’s right, folks! He is my youngest. It is time to face this fantasy to see if it can, or should, become a reality. This is where that inner dialogue kicks in. Time to contemplate the universe! Is this really the right time to be considering a move? With the economy in the situation that it is currently in, perhaps not a good time to take on any new financial adventures. Or…the price of housing is down now, so this is actually a good time to buy… There are many things to consider.

So, instead of making this big decision just yet, I have a mini plan. I will put new flooring in the lower level of my townhouse! The carpet is old and tired. Any real estate agent worth their salt, would recommend that I recarpet prior to putting my townhouse on the market. So….why not go ahead and invest in this strategy now? One of two things will happen. #1)the townhouse carpet will be updated when I put my home on the market, and I get to enjoy it until then #2)I choose not to put my home on the market for a while, and I get to enjoy it longer!

This thought leads to the next, and I realize that I don’t really want to recarpet, I really want hardwood floors (or at least the look of hardwood floors $$). I grabbed a friend who has a lot of experience in home remodeling and trekked off to the home improvement store.

I will be living with samples for a bit, and will be doing the obligatory research on the internet. I think I’m likin’ this idea! What do you think?

(Notice the alien puppy? I think he will enjoy them too. You should see how he skids across the small hardwood landing while playing catch. This could rock his world!)

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  1. Angel says

    Decisions, Decisions! I have hard word floors all though my house and I love it, espcially with the little one. Make sure you use two coats of the polyutherine so it cleans up easily. People will tell you it’s work, but not anymore to many products on the market to make it easier, I like the light color you chose,it will make your townhose brighter. . I am going to be looking forward to following your plan! I well remember sitting there with an 18 and 17 year old a new divorce and thinking what now? There’s life after kids, honest!

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