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There are no papers on the coffee table!

Finally! The coffee table has been cleared of all papers! That means that this weekend was a success!

The last few months in my life have been so busy, complicated, chaotic and fast paced! How and why do we do this to ourselves? And…yes…we do this to ourselves, no matter if you try to pretend otherwise.

I made a promise to myself this past Friday. “Barb, you will go home this weekend and NOT work. You will get some chores done, you know, the ones that have been begging for attention. And for heavens sake, the computer will be opened only for pleasure.”

I will admit that it was really hard to break the pattern of pulling open the computer and catching up on work. I had to keep pointing out to my brain that I must keep this promise to myself.

So…now I find myself at 3:30 on Sunday afternoon, and in case you didn’t catch on, I have pulled open my computer!! But, here is the good news! I have completely resisted the urge to open my work email or to pull out the many files residing in my briefcase.

What I HAVE done is clean out the cabinet that has needed attention since Spring. I HAVE gone through the piles and piles of mail and personal papers that have been pleading to be attended to (believe me…the pile of papers, magazine, newspapers, and ads was HUGE! I can actually see the top of my lovely coffee table now). I HAVE taken myself to the spa for a much needed massage. I HAVE taken my puppy and my son out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine. I HAVE finally watched the movie The Bucket List. And now, I HAVE taken time to check on my favorite social media sites (boudica , blogher , twittermoms) and am now talking with you!

I only feel a small tug of anxiety and slight guilt that I will be starting my Monday a little less prepared then I would like to be. Somehow, though, I believe that the world will not actually stop revolving.

This feels good. I wonder…if I allow myself to do this again next weekend…what will life begin to look like? Should I dare to dream?

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