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There is a storm coming. I’m SUPPOSED to worry!

“I’ll be just fine, Mom”. Somehow, these words made their way through the phone lines as I was talking with my daughter about her trip home for the holidays.

Her semester at college is coming to an end. By Thursday, she will have turned in all her assignments, she will have taken all her final exams. Now it is time to come home for the holidays. My logical brain told me that she would be on the road Friday and be safe and sound at home before the seasons first BIG STORM arrives. The weather reports are preparing us for blustery winds, lots of cold (wrap your pipes cold) and snow in Seattle!

I was feeling relieved when I realized that she would be home on Friday….But, wait…. Not so fast! First there is the luncheon to attend, then there is the final goodbye with friends, then there is packing to do (and if truth be told, I’m sure the final hug with the BF!).

I found myself practically begging her to come home early. The five hour drive over flat landscape that provides white-knuckle driving when the wind sings, and the mountain pass that celebrates the snow storms by inviting its travelers to hang out for a while so the snow can finish its winter dance, were images that marched through my brain. Every year my daughter has at least one dramatic driving adventure during a college commute. I was really hoping that she could get a pass this year. Surely she has collected $200! Surely she received the Get Out of Jail Free card already in this game! Why tempt fate? I guess time will tell.

“I’ll be just fine, Mom! I’ve done this before. I’ll be okay!” After snorting my reply that I haven’t been a worry-wart Mom for at least a day and a half…I proceeded to bark suggestions for her trip preparation. “Make sure that your gas tank never goes below 1/2 full. Make sure that your cell phone is fully charged. Make sure that you have blankets and boots. Make sure that you have some food. Do you have your tire chains? Make sure that you have cash with you, not just your debit card.” Hmmm. Let’s see. What’d I miss?

She was very patient as I rattled off these words that I am sure are hard coded into every mothers DNA. Okay, she was sorta patient. I’m sure I heard a few “I know, Mom”. “Okay, Mom.” “Got it, Mom.” Can you actually hear eyes rolling? I think so.

As I sit here on Friday night, listening to the wind whistle outside my windows, I have entered into a tough conversation with myself. I know…she will be fine. I know…she will make it home safely, even if she is delayed by weather. I know…that she is a grown up now and can make her own decisions. (D*#@, when did that happen?) I can stop worrying now. There that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Yeah. Right!

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  1. Carrielyn says

    I can SOOOOO wait for such a time to come with my own daughter. I’ll cherish the few years she is safely here at home with me.

  2. Barb Jacobucci says

    Definitely cherish these days as they truly go so fast, but are chock full of love and rewards! One of the greatest rewards gets to be witnessing who they are when they become adults. Wow!

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