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Twitter! Twitter! Tweet! Tweet!

Be fair warned…this is a Twitter positive rant! If you don’t already Twitter, might I suggest that you start! My first impression was that it was ridiculous to send comments out into the world to update us on your status. Nobody cares! Right? Not so fast.

If you aren’t already familiar with Twitter, it is a social networking tool. You can follow people, and they can follow you. When you send out a tweet, the folks that follow you will receive your message. Please limit your remarks to 140 characters, please! You can tell your followers that you are heading out to see a movie, you can share that your puppy just shredded your bedsheets (true story!), you can share your comments on a local news report that you just viewed.

If the social aspect of Twitter isn’t appealing to you, how about the educational value? You can share the news report that you just read by adding a link for your followers to click on, you can comment on a class that you just took, you can share with your followers that you are o.k. after the news of the earthquake in your city. It is now very common for people to send tweets live during a work conference. Talk about a great tool, when you couldn’t invest the time or money to attend a conference yourself, follow it through tweets!

I originally signed up for Twitter purely for educational reasons, and have found myself using it for fun and sharing random thoughts and comments. I am now totally hooked on Twitter! I have chosen to follow several leaders in my industry. As I follow their tweets, some educational – some personal, I feel like I am getting to know them as human beings too. It has really served to shrink the world around me.

Come join the fun and follow me on twitter at @barbjacobucci, . Just beware of the Fail Whale!

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