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What Makes Me Happy?

The sun is shining through my window! The sun is one of my favorite things, and always makes me happy. Living in Seattle, I know that the sun will soon disappear for a while. We will spend a few months being taunted and teased with grey skies and rain. I will soon be whining about my need for the sun. Soooo….I thought I would make a list of the things that make me happy…not all inclusive, of course! If you hear me cry and carry on, please refer me back to this list and remind me that the sun isn’t the ONLY thing that makes me happy. Here goes…..

• Sunshine on my shoulders (Thank you John Denver!)
• Listening to my kids giggle
• How happy my puppy is to see me when I walk in the door
• Sleeping in on Sunday mornings
• Twitter
• New Shoes!
• Reading a good book
• Learning something new
• My kids
• Taking on a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)…and conquering it
• My Friends
• Laughter. Anybodies, anywhere, for any reason
• Talking to my siblings during the daily commute
• Watching my daughter become an amazing business woman
• Sunday conversations with my Mom (and of course, Dad!)
• Eating spaghetti at the Blue Parrot restaurant in Louisville, Colorado
• Hot tub conversations with Mom (AKA: the confessional)
• Listening to my son play the bass
• Baseball
• My kids
• Meeting new people
• Music
• Helping others become successful
• Discovering really cool women bloggers/story tellers
• Shopping
• My kids
• Having intellectual conversations with my kids
• That I can find my glasses when I want to read
• Lemon squares
• Geno (my car – 140K miles and still going strong)
• Written words
• My kids

I could go on for days it appears. Now your turn. What makes you happy?

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  1. Laura says

    Naps on a rainy afternoon.
    Chocolate cake with lots of frosting.
    My daughters’ smiling at me, even if for only a millisecond.
    Seeing a lightbulb go on above a child’s head.
    Writing an essay that surprises me in its beauty and insight.
    Discovering new friends in the blogosphere.

  2. anna says

    Early morning sunrise on the Colorado moutians they turn pink. planting flowers and vegtables to give to food banks ,spending time with my kids , watching them learn.knownig God is watching over me .knowing I have good nebiors and watching Jessie ride thinking of how I used to ride all the time .love fishing long drives ,good old music like dolly .learning… love to learn and Love giving free hair cuts to the homeless nothing better then making them fell good .

  3. angel says

    Your blog being back!

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