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What puts the sparkle in YOUR eye?

I arrived home from work, parked my car in the garage and bounced into the house ready to say hello to my two kids.  They had been home all day, hanging out, doing some small chores, relaxing, playing.   The sight that greeted me was slightly unusual.

Not only two kids greeted me, but three.  A friend of my sons was also at the house and they were all sitting quietly on the sofas.  As a mother, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is…

“What’s going on?”

The response isn’t what I expected.   What I got back was…

“Mom, we are waiting for UPS.”

What?  With a flash of memory, this all of a sudden made sense.  My son had ordered a new monitor for his computer.  Not just any monitor, but a

samsung 25 monitor

SAMSUNG TOC T260HD Rose Black 25.5″ 5ms HDMI Widescreen HDTV Monitor 300 cd/m2 DC 10000:1(1000:1) Built in TV Tuner & Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Typically the UPS deliveries arrive at my house around noon, but not today.  Not when it is a delivery of very great importance!  They were waiting patiently for the truck to arrive. Actually, they were TRYING to wait patiently.

Not ten minutes after I arrived home…Ding Dong!  Bark Bark!   Door opens…there stands the valued UPS delivery driver, monitor in hand.   Oh the sheer look of excitement and joy on my sons face.  I’m sure that someday a girl will dream about seeing that same look when she arrives on his doorstep.  (O.K. a mom can dream a little too, but I think I’m getting ahead of myself!)

After much oohing and aahing, the troops head up to my sons “media center”  to set up the coveted monitor.  This room used to be referred to as a bedroom, but the bed was long ago replaced with the trappings of geekdom.   Hmmm…. I wonder when I will see my son again? Merry Christmas, son.

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