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Where does the time go?

It is now October. What? I remember overhearing my mother comment to someone when I was a child that time goes faster and faster every year. I recall thinking how cruel that was for a child. The school years seemed to drag on endlessly for me and I was so anxious to become an adult so that I could move through these years faster.

Now I’m here. I’m an “adult”. Mom was right. Time goes faster and faster every year. This now just makes me nervous and anxious. Am I wasting time? Am I forgetting to fit into my life all the things that are truly important to me? Am I learning what is important for me to learn? Am I meeting the people that I should be meeting?

O.K. Thinking about this on a Sunday afternoon just makes me tired. I think I will take a nap now! Mom forgot to mention that part of being an adult!

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