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Where have you been?

O.K.  Angel, before you ask me just where the heck I’ve been, I thought that I wouldsleeping dog beat you to the punch.   The last couple of weeks have been eventful and interesting.   I would like to say that I have been living the dogs life, and that I’ve been resting and relaxing.   But…not so much.

Let’s take a look at what has been happening:

  • work
  • visited with mortgage broker to take temperature of interest rates and market
  • visited with realtor for market analysis on my townhouse
  • went to meeting about living in a flood plain
  • work
  • met with dermatologist to remove bump on my cheek
  • visited with realtor to review open listings in my desired destination city
  • received call that biopsy showed basal cell skin cancer
  • work
  • made appointment with plastic surgeon to remove the rest of the bad skin cells
  • cleaned and staged home for pending listing
  • put townhouse on the market
  • met with plastic surgeon to remove skin cells
  • work
  • took final load to Goodwill and to the dump
  • drove 5 hours with puppy to visit daughter in college
  • power shopping with daughter….Shoes!  (for her!)
  • took daughter and her boyfriend to great Italian dinner for her birthday
  • drove 5 hours back home
  • back to work
  • received call from long lost friend, set dinner date
  • took out stitches…told “all is good…stay out of the sun!”

In other words, not much has been going on.  You?

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  1. Angel says

    You are soo funny! I have been trying for days to catch you on FB? Lol sounds like you need a VA, I knwo a good one..give me a call…lolk

  2. Angel says

    BTW I am glad all is well with the skin thing…

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