Let’s Start with the Shoes!

Shoes. One of the great pleasures in life. As you can see, the title of my blog is Nice Shoes! and more life observations. I can hear you asking, “What do shoes have to do with life observations?” Well, let me share with you the person who inspired the title of this blog.

Let me introduce you to my grandmother, Josephine. Though she is no longer with me here on earth, she continues to influence me every day. She was a great believer that you can always tell the character of a person by their shoes. Scuffed shoes? No Way! Break out the shoe shine kit. Black shoes with a blue outfit? Are you kidding me? New outfit? Make sure you have shoes to match! Her message was simple: “You can always tell how much a person cares about their appearance by their shoes.”

It took me many, many years to understand what she truly meant. It has nothing to do with ego or being superficial. It is really just the simple statement, “Today I will put my best foot forward and be the best person that I can be.”

Now I always take that one last look in the mirror every morning. Would Grandma approve? Am I ready to walk out the door and put my best foot forward today?

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