I Don’t Need Another New Pair of Shoes!

The sun was warm on my shoulders as I marched into DSW with my $10 off coupon tucked away in my purse. Today’s mission, inspired by my coworkers suggestion, was a new pair of flats to wear to the office.

A person would not normally expect to have profound thoughts while wandering the aisles of a shoe store, however, that is where today’s life observation presented itself to me. “I don’t need another new pair of shoes!” In a single moment, I realized that there is nothing that I need. I am content.

It only took about two seconds for my mind to take a quick inventory of my life: My children are healthy, happy, and leading positive lives. I have a safe and comfortable home. I have some wonderful new friends. I have many long time friends that have shared my life adventures. I have friends that love and support me daily. I have amazing siblings that are truly fun to be with. I have the most loving parents, who are healthy and active. I have the luxury of working with wonderful people. I enjoy what I do for a living. I am healthy and happy.

It was a peaceful moment when I realized that all was right in my world. My personal universe is in balance. Taking a deep breathe, I recognized how fortunate I am to be truly content. Isn’t this what we all strive for every day?

As I stepped back out into the sun, I placed my sunglasses firmly on the bridge of my nose. I dropped into the drivers seat, throwing the shopping bag on the seat next to me. Sure, I didn’t need another new pair of shoes, but how can you walk away from a cute pair of black plaid flats? I am content!

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