What’s REALLY Important?

Ring. Ring.

Hi Barb!  How are you?  Are you coming to Denver for Joy’s retirement party?

No…I’m so busy, things going on, gotta keep working.

By the end of the 45 minute conversation with my dear friend, Angela, there was no doubt.

Angela, I’m coming.

Why the sudden change?  It was for Joy.  Talking with Angela brought into clear focus what is really important in life…The cherished friends that you meet along the way.

Joy had been my boss.  But that really doesn’t give the full picture. Picture 1771 Joy was my boss, my teacher, my mentor, my cheerleader, my support network, my coach…my friend.  But most of all, she believed in me.  I am a better person for having been in Joy’s world.   She gave so much to all of us that had the luxury of being on her team.

So, off to Denver I went to join the rest of her fan club at the Surprise Retirement Party.  It was such fun.  Not only did I get to visit with Joy, but I was surrounded by many, many of my old friends.  I didn’t realize how much I missed them, but we jumped right back in without missing a beat.

Am I glad I went?  Absolutely.  The work waited for me, the world didn’t end because I took some time off.  It’s all good. Thank you, Angela, for making that phone call and reminding me of what is REALLY important!

I love you, Joy!   Have fun on your next big adventure.  I will be cheering you on!


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