I’m Still Here

Has it really been a year since I’ve posted here?  The evidence points to “yes”.  Yikes.   It has been a very eventful year.  I started back to school, so all my free time (and some not-so-free time) has been focused on achieving a lifelong goal of completing my college education.  I have another year to go, so don’t get all excited and expect that I will start blogging again on a regular basis, but i will do my best not to disappear again.

Since I evidently don’t have anything that can resemble a personal life, I need to get all my excitement from…you guessed it…technology!  I recently bit the bullet, removed every semblance of an excuse, and got myself an iPad.


If the truth be told, I think I’m in love.  This little gadget does so much more then I expected it would.  Here are the top features that I am excited about:

  • My Nook is now being retired.  The online chapters of my school books would not convert properly to the Nook (one of the main reasons that I purchased it).  The  iPad will take these in beautiful pdf format and I can read my school chapters to my hearts content.
  • I have access to Dropbox from the iPad.  Yay!!
  • I have the ability to view and deliver presentations from either Powerpoint or Prezi directly from the iPad.  wOOt!
  • ios5.  If you are familiar with ios5…nuff said!
  • I found a cool RED iPad cover.


Even the puppy can’t resist being a part of the action!

Until next time!

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