Life Lessons and Disappointment

The greatest role of a parent is to give their child the foundation to go out into the world and handle whatever comes at them.  As the years move into fast forward, I am reminded of these lessons again and again.   This past week I got to watch this in action with my sister.  She […]

One word

Okay everyone.  Today I am thinking of moods.  Happy.  Sad.  Sillly.  Excited.  Bubbly.  Whiny.  How many moods do you have? Which is your favorite?  What mood are you in now? Drop a comment with just one word that describes your mood. Mine right now:  Content

The Easter Egg Hunt

I have some vivid memories of Easter Sundays on the farm.   I remember the dress that I wore one year at the age of 5 to my Uncle Vic’s house, I remember the corsages that my Dad bought my sister and I every year, I remember the 100 egg omolet that I helped stir at […]

What do you do for fun?

Them:  “What do you do for fun?” Me:  “Uhm. Work.” Them:  “You consider that fun?” Me:  “Yes.” Them:  “Don’t you have a life?” Me:  “You mean working isn’t living?” Work to live.  Live to work.  Who’s to say which is right. Many years ago my Mom put together some photos from old slides that Dad […]


Today, I thought about talent.   I never fail to be impressed with the talent that I see around me every day.   Pure talent isn’t impressive to me all by itself.  What captures my attention is what people do with their talent.  What I admire are those who have talent but are always doing whatever […]

My mom asked me to…

The way I was raised..if your mother asked you to do something…well, you did it!  It is for this reason that I have been living with a slight degree of guilt for the last couple of years.  O.K.  It is more then slight guilt, and it has been more then a couple of years, but […]

You cannot prepare them for this

She couldn’t speak.  She had spent the afternoon crying.  She was in shock and devastated.  The best she could do was send me a message on Skype.   “I have something that you need to hear.”   This is the message that beeped into my skype stream late one afternoon.  The tears and sorrow flowed through as […]

Motherhood is an Olympic sport

I love watching the Olympic games.  Summer Games.  Winter Games.  It makes no difference.  I love to watch.    I am always in awe of these athletes who have committed so much of their life to a sport that they are passionate about. We hear all the stories about the drama and the tales of how […]

Spring is coming!

I know, I know.  It isn’t even March yet, but Seattle has been giving us some incredibly beautiful weather this year.   My company moved to a location in the fabulous Pioneer Square area of Seattle a month ago.  I have had lunch outside at least four times!! Can this be?   Is it really still winter?   […]

My daughter is allergic to cars

No, that isn’t a typo.   Mine is a family that suffers from allergies.  I have been plagued with this my entire life.  Weeds, dust, pollen, molds, yeast, dogs, cats, even paper particles.  (I know…strange.)  My poor son sniffles and sneezes from seasonal allergies.  We keep over the counter allergy medicine in the cupboard at all […]