It was hard to just call her Marsha.

It has been 30 years since I graduated from high school. Yikes, I didn’t realize how odd that would look in print! So much has changed since then. Especially me. For some reason I was reflecting on these last 3 decades. I was remembering the young girl that I used to be and pondering all […]

Ha ha Ha Ha ha ha ha Ha Ha!!

I love to hear the sound of laughter, either my own or others! I am surrounded by a group of very dedicated, hard working individuals…but, boy, do they know how to laugh! During a typical work day we will have several hours of relative silence, broken only by the musical keystrokes of the computer keyboards. […]

Do I Have What it Takes?

I’m spending a considerable amount of time watching the Summer Olympics and thinking about how inspiring these athletes are. So far, I have watched some basketball, gymnastics, swimming, bicycling, beach volleyball and even some badminton.Badminton as an Olympic sport? Wow. I remember so clearly having the badminton net strung up in the front lawn of […]

Creative Avoidance

It is a quiet weekend. My son is away and my commitment to dogsit a Yorkie was cancelled. Hmmmm..what to do, what to do. I could tackle the paperwork. I could take on the learning modules. Nah! Creative avoidance is in order. I now have my feet in warm water and Kathy is ready to […]

I Didn’t Expect to be a Guest!

It was Friday afternoon at 4:45 p.m. and I was sitting in the drivers seat of my trusted Passat, “Geno”. (Yes, I named my car. If I take good care of Geno, then he will take good care of me! Right?) I was waiting my turn at the Emissions Inspection Center. I had checked the […]

Teamwork Shines Through!

“Deadline T minus 4 minutes. Team member #1: complete the content for the report and send it over to the copywriter. Team member #2: finalize the edits on the web page and email the url. Team member #3: finalize the report, and have it printed on the color copier on the next floor. I will […]

I Don’t Need Another New Pair of Shoes!

The sun was warm on my shoulders as I marched into DSW with my $10 off coupon tucked away in my purse. Today’s mission, inspired by my coworkers suggestion, was a new pair of flats to wear to the office.A person would not normally expect to have profound thoughts while wandering the aisles of a […]

My Oldest Pair of Shoes are Usually My Favorites!

I enjoyed a wonderful dinner last night with dear friends. I have known them for over 20 years. We met when we were next door neighbors. Their children were pre-teens and my children were babies and toddlers. Sitting across the table from each other last night brought back many great memories. There was the time […]

Nice Shoes Everywhere I Looked Today!

I was surrounded today by the most amazing pairs of Nice Shoes! I saw the fabulous pair of shoes that was new to our group; I saw the wonderful pair that was getting ready to leave our group; I saw the strong pair that was holding down the fort while another was on vacation; I […]

I hope to become the person that my puppy thinks I am.

Tucker, our family LhasaPoo is 1 1/5 years old. A beautiful, calm, easygoing, great companion. Who knew this dog thing could be so much fun! Two years ago my dearest friend called to tell me that she had just adopted a wonderful Yorkie. My first reaction was…”what was she thinking?”. I am a former country […]