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Sick Shoes

Are you intrigued? Does the title of this post make you wonder what the heck I could possibly be talking about? There is no such thing as Sick Shoes, right? I’m sure you aren’t alone. Just follow me.

I spent this past week with a bad cold. I know…I know…me and 75% of the total American population. Big deal. Well, you are right. No big deal. Just another week in the life. This just got me to thinking about shoes. Huh?

When I am sick, all I want to do is curl up in bed decked out in my softest jammies and warm socks. Unfortunately, real life presents challenges that sometimes you can’t overcome. Such as an important deadline at work. Staying in bed and sleeping the day away? Sometimes it is just out of the question.

Does this scenario sound familiar? You drag yourself out of bed when that nasty alarm clock belts out the most unpleasant sound that you have heard in weeks and you shuffle to the shower with only one eye open. You are delusional that standing in a steaming shower for ten minutes will help. Not so much. You throw on your most comfortable jeans…really wishing that you can actually put on your grungiest sweats. Then the shoe dilemma. What shoes can you possibly wear to get you through the day?

Two inch heels…out of the question. Your favorite sheepskin slippers…not appropriate…darn it. Tennis shoes? Probably shouldn’t. And you finally settle on your most comfortable pair of flats that don’t require any socks. stockings or shoestrings to expend energy tying. And you are off. Sick Shoes!

Does the proper choice of Sick Shoes really help you get through the day in one piece? Please don’t tell me it doesn’t. I would like to continue believing that Nice Shoes remain that glue that keeps our life in balance.

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  1. The Daily Blonde says

    I have sick shoes for the times I can’t wear my ‘sick socks’ which are soooo much better. I also have sick jeans, a sick sweater and my warmest sick coat.

    Being sick is the worst. Hope you are better and back in your nice shoes.

  2. Angel says

    Oh, dear I do hope you get out of your sick shoes soon. 🙂 I have a pair. Simple flas you can slip on in a minute…depressing.
    I hope you can hang them up soon.

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